Dear Advertisers;

For over twenty years now, Community Connections of Monsey has been Rockland County’s most popular weekly savings guide. Since our first issue was published on September 10, 1995, our weekly paper has been part of the local community. Advertisers turn to us when they want results, and residents rely on the “Connections” to update them on local sales and news and bring them a variety of interesting and entertaining features.
Each week, 23,000 copies of the Community Connections are printed. Over 12,000 are mailed to frum homes in Monsey, Spring Valley, and New Square. Our paper also reaches families outside of Rockland County, as approximately 11,000 copies are distributed in our local stores. Shoppers from New Jersey and Orange County who visit local shopping centers always make sure to pick up a copy of the Community Connections before leaving our neighborhood.

Our advantages are Yours:

Consumers receive the Community Connections in their mailbox with all their other important mail. We rely on our very own mailing list, which is updated on a daily basis, to keep names and addresses current.

Advertising cost is relatively inexpensive, so that small businesses can afford to place ads in our paper and bigger businesses can advertise on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Every issue includes valuable information, such as: weekly schedules, z’manei tefilos, Mazel Tovs, important phone numbers, bus schedules, recipes, interesting news photos, business lists, crossword and Sudoku puzzles, English and Yiddish articles, timely features, Lost & Found listings, cartoons, public notices and alerts, and more.


The Community Connections avoids printing any derogatory or misleading information and keeps the sensitivities of our community members a priority. This ensures that our paper is 100% kosher and can find a place in every home in our community.

Residents pay no subscription fee.

The Community Connections is a conveniently-sized and attractive paper, with unique dimensions and eye-catching colors and layouts. We make it easy for residents to read and save!

To sum it up:

To be noticed in the Jewish community of Rockland County, there is ONE place to be:
The Community Connections!